Welcome!  And thank you for joining  me here!

Let me assure you, here and now, that you are enfolded in the arms of One Who is compassion, peace and tender love for all mankind. No one is left out.

I love you all dearly!  And in my heart I walk beside each one of you on our journey “home,”  joined in our single purpose, willing to see our brothers whole and loving as ourselves, extending love or crying out for love, in each present moment, as we ourselves are.blank

RECENT UPDATE:  Excerpt of a complete session from  Ask Not the Sparrow has been posted.  See “Excerpts” above.


Ask Not the Sparrow

Ask Not the Sparrow offers sessions by 50 teachers and students of the Course.  It may be used as a guide, a daily or occasional review, or a readily available and consistent reminder of what is true and what our purpose is.

It may serve as a confrontational kick in the pants to an obstinate ego, as an alternative introduction to the Course, as a companion book for those already studying A Course in Miracles, or as a guide to any spiritual path you are on. 

 Not only do the sessions unveil and review new interpretations of fundamental spiritual concepts, revealing Jesus’ true teaching as presented in the Course, they also proclaim the disconcerting possibility of immediate salvation.

Ask Not the Sparrow is indeed “lively, inspiring, confrontational and passionate.”  It’s unique approach expresses and explores the individual, experiential journey we each must take to find the pearl of great price: “lasting happiness, profound peace of mind and natural, spontaneous joy.”

What’s the worst that could happen if you read this book?  I invite you to take a chance on a teaching that may help you to change your life!  And support you in a continuing focus on how to look upon the world and on ourselves, in order to be “wholly joyous”!

And my deepest gratitude to each of you who is seeking the Truth of who you are.  You will find your answer in the form in which you can accept it.  Of this I am certain.  The search is inevitable, the answer is universal and your awakening is guaranteed by God.

butterfly_pamMany blessings on your journey home!

Pam Schueller



“God is unconditional Love.  There is no possibility of failure.  Everyone will come to know this.  Because finally you come to a moment when the pain is too intense. You ask for help…
I give up.
I can’t solve it.
I am the conflict.
I need help.
I’m ready to let go and let God.”

–from Ask Not the Sparrow


“There is a place in you where this whole world has been forgotten; where no memory of sin and of illusion lingers still.  There is a place in you which time has left, and echoes of eternity are heard.  There is a resting place so still no sound except a hymn to Heaven rises up to gladden God the Father and the Son.  Where Both abide are They remembered, Both.  And where They are is Heaven and is peace.”

— from A Course in Miracles


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