Available now:  Amazon.com and  Authorhouse.com.   “Ask Not the Sparrow:  Secrets of  A Course in Miracles, is a unique approach, including personal reflections and expressions of the author’s  faith and experience, with the main content highlighting memories of sessions with  50 students/teachers of the Course, each expressing their faith, experience, strength and hope regarding their journeys of individual  transformation to light using A Course in Miracles.  Its lively, inspiring, confrontive and inspirational sessions offer support and insights not found in this unique form anywhere else.   The dynamic approach of Ask Not the Sparrow may be relevant for anyone who is seeking lasting happiness, peace and joy,  including beginners on a path of self-discovery as well as those wishing to review the Course from a new, uncompromising perspective.  In addition, it’s fresh approach and surprising insights may also illuminate  any thoughtful, truth-centered approach to awakening. ” 

Author, Pamela Schueller, explains:  “Initially, I wrote down what I had heard that  inspired me, to help me focus on a straight-forward, clear, simplified expression of the uncompromising principles and underlying ‘how to’ of A Course in Miracles!  I wanted these notes, which seemed to flow by themselves onto the page, to help me remember the wealth of extension and expression of our individual transformation we have available, based on our individual study and adherence to A Course in Miracles (or any course in miracles we are on!) — any course that promises to awaken us to a truer reality that brings compassion, peace and love into our minds and our hearts, in this life, now!”


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