New Books, New World, New Life!


Miracles and Messengers, Transforming Your Life Now, with commentary on A Course in Miracles, by a guide and friend, “Compassion, Peace and Love.” 288 pages, 2014 AVAILABLE OCTOBER 15, 2014

Long title and subtitle, but the message is clear, succinct and to the point! This message was dictated to me in twelve days time, in June, 1988, a month with two full moons. Updated this year by “Compassion, Peace and Love,” a self-identified “angel guide” who says “times are critical” and “more people need to hear.” It is a message intended for “ordinary people” and in a simple language, more accessible to some than that of A Course in Miracles. The angel guide says his introduction to transformation, alongside the Course, points a Way to inner peace and lasting happiness in our lives, healing doubt, depression and disturbing emotions, or any thoughts that block our true inheritance, an innate and fulfilling experience of joy.

And there are five more book-length messages yet to come from this patient and practical guide, each of them inviting us to go through a transformation of mind, to come “home” to a fundamental state of serenity, security and lasting peace of mind!


Can I do it? Am I insane? Am I kidding myself? Do I have any idea what I’m in for? WHO KNOWS! Calling all writers, would-be writers, spiritual seekers and finders, those who have puzzled over A Course in Miracles, those who have puzzled over self-publishing and want to live vicariously for now, plus the curious, the challenged and the bored. Let’s see if I can do this thing, using Amazon’s free publishing service, at

Follow me on this journey of discovery and possible madness as I attempt to listen to the guide, key in and update four out of five messages, edit them and publish all five books in one year’s time, STARTING THE FIRST DAY OF OCTOBER, 2014…as soon as some semblance of a blog and updated website are in place!

And tell me about the challenges you have set for yourselves!


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