Ask Not the Sparrow Ask Not the Sparrow,  Secrets of A Course in Miracles, takes us on a revealing roller coaster ride through the secrets of a remarkable course in individual transformation:  A Course in Miracles.  The Course itself is compelling.  “Do you want peace…happiness, a quiet mind, a certainty of purpose and a sense of worth and beauty that transcends the world…care and safety, and the warmth of sure protection always?”

By turns intense, demanding, gentle, humorous and surprising, Ask Not the Sparrow confronts us with the Miracles secrets that will change minds and lives, bringing us ever closer to new insights, freedom, serenity and spontaneous joy.  Sessions by more than fifty student teachers of A Course in Miracles unveil a revolutionary message of hope, confront our rigid ideas of what reality is, reveal a startling new view of Jesus’ actual teaching, and point the way to present, lasting happiness, profound peace of mind and natural, spontaneous joy.

Ask Not the Sparrow is a provocative companion book for students of A Course in Miracles, or a jump start to a resistant mind, or guidance that is complimentary to any experientially oriented spiritual path you may choose to travel on your journey “home.”  A thoughtful, gradual reading of this unique, uncompromising approach to transformation will change your life and give you “wings” to fly.



This, the title of Session 38 in Ask Not the Sparrow, turns our world inside out.

Am I grateful for the emotional pain I experience?

Do I see it as a signal that my thinking has been false?

Does it lead me deeper into inquiry?

How am I causing my own emotional suffering and mental anguish?

Am I willing to learn a new way of seeing the world in order to experience the peace and joy, now, that is my natural inheritance?

Ask Not the Sparrow is an insightful companion to A Course in Miracles (or to Byron Katie’s Loving What is, or Dr. Hew Len’s ideas from Zero Limits…as well as many others, both eastern and western).

Ask Not the Sparrow offer us clues, keys, concepts and the tough-love kind of compassionate confrontation that lead us toward resurrection from any thought or belief that is not wholly joyous. It leads us to the realization that we can experience compassion, peace and love, because we are compassion, peace and love.

Ask Not the Sparrow is a guidepost on our journey to this total transformation, here and now. It confronts, head-on, our mistaken ideas about what our reality is.

Session 38 of Ask Not the Sparrow declares, “The only ‘world’ you experience is the one you brought with you–your own ideas! Jesus says, ‘You have been a liar from the beginning!’ Your thoughts don’t tell you who you are! They are all based on your original idea of being separate. Every thought you think has an opposite–doesn’t it?”

These sessions echo the confrontation of A Course in Miracles: “An opposite to God does not exist.” Can I accept that the wholeness and perfection of creation has no opposite? That this wholeness and perfection includes me in? That this truth includes the one I’m most upset with right now? What a paradox that seems to be!

Ask Not the Sparrow addresses this conflict–the personal suffering, the warfare, the tragedy we see in the world and in the lives of those around us, as well as in our own. Yet in the throes of today’s upsetting circumstance, of our immediate crucifixion–our mental and emotional pain– Ask Not the Sparrow offers us a remarkable opportunity for salvation. The question for the inquirer is always the same: am I willing to have my old “world” undone?

A Course lesson states, “Let all things be exactly as they are.” Ask Not the Sparrow presents and clarifies the principles and paradoxes found in the Course, and in the wisdom teachings of many traditions, East and West. It speaks with absolute certainty about the immediacy of salvation and the Truth that is always true, confirming the remarkable promises made by universal teachings of salvation, as highlighted in A Course in Miracles. “Only reality is free of pain. Only reality is free of loss. Only reality is wholly safe.” If any one of us is confronted with our own painful reactions–whether fearful or anxious, depressed or angry, self-blaming or critical–can we see this as a disguised blessing, offering us a chance to experience the miracle, the change of mind, that brings us back to inner peace, a calm mind, and present joy?

Ask Not the Sparrow brings our attention back to our true purpose here, asking again and again: Am I willing to be still and hear the Answer that is not my own?

“Nothing opposes God, Wholeness. There is nothing else! It has to be a dream, hallucination, illusion! Reasonably, it could not be anything else!”

Revealing in every session that only Truth is true, Ask Not the Sparrow, Secrets of A Course in Miracles, points the way to an immediate release, bringing an immediate experience beyond the “world” that we have made, an experience which is the eternal now, described by Jesus two thousand years ago as “the resurrection and the life.”

Ask Not the Sparrow explores these universal principles and paradoxes in a clear, concise and confrontational way that dares the mind to step out of its comfort zone and fast forward to immediate salavation.


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