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Session 22 (excerpt)




Spiritual sedation or spiritual transformation  (st)

     What does Jesus say?  “You are God’s Son, complete and healed and whole…”   That is your reality!

      And, “It can be but myself I crucify.”  When we judge another, we judge ourselves, we crucify ourselves.

      What’s the truth?

     “God is but Love, and therefore so am I”…..

     This is about your personal transformation of mind.  It’s not about music and dancing, getting together, a nice place to live, being here at Endeavor, or “being in the energy.”

      I had an experience that I wouldn’t know how to talk about without A Course in Miracles, in the Workbook for Students, are in that order for a reason.  Are you doing the lessons?


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20.  Short notes, brief quotes (mt)  *


     My mind is Hitler.  My mind is the Pharisee.  I judge everything.  I distort it.  I think I’m a separate identity.  The “asshole” is me.  I’m it.  I’m responsible.  I include myself in.  It’s not “outside.”  It’s not “somebody else.”  It’s just one mind, and I am that!  So, it’s not what so-and-so is doing or saying.  It’s what I tell myself about that.  It’s all a story I’m telling myself, and it’s just a story.  I’m always wrong — because nothing changes eternal truth or eternal love!  And I am eternal truth and eternal love because everyone is that!

     The past is stories.  The past is a “dream.”  It is all my gone, past thoughts.  There is no cause.  There is no effect.  God is, and nothing opposes God.  So my stories were never real and they never had any real effect–I just thought they did!  That’s my “dream.”  It’s just old, past, dead stories I’ve used to upset myself!

     Confrontation is showing you your mind judging and evaluating, insisting or withdrawing.  Release it!  Have the experience of the release of the painful judgment in your mind!  This isn’t about what so-and-so is saying or doing.  That has nothing to do with it.  Release your false ideas–and experience the holy instant!  There is no judgment in a totally open mind!  God hasn’t changed his mind about you!

     You say, “They’re stupid.”  You say, “Who’s the Pharisee?”  [Not me!]  You say,”They are projecting the idea out.  They are objectifying.  They are judging.”  That won’t help you!

     I’m stupid!  I’m the Pharisee!  I’m doing it!  Bring it home!  Don’t project it!  It’s my false belief I “see”–an idea of separation from God, eternal Good, single whole Mind, in me.  That’s what I react to.  I only see what is in my mind!  If it’s not my own sense of separation from absolute Good, if it’s not my own sense of lack, of loss, or unworthiness–what would I react to?  What would take me out of peace?  What would I see that would upset me?  Nothing!

     What is the “world”–the “world I see”?   Separation thoughts in my own mind?  I project them on forms that I see, and situations and circumstances as I interpret them?  I share my illusions, my mistaken thoughts, with others and we agree?  But I am as God created me!  God has given me a state of completion and abundance!  I am completely dependent on God!  Only God can affect me!

     What does that mean, “give up the world” mean?  And “the world is not real”?  The “world” is thoughts.  My thoughts are not real.  Give up the world–give up the world of your thoughts, of holding on to your thoughts.  Start with the one’s that are causing you pain right now!  Remember, your ” bottom,” your worst moments.  Your own finest thinking got you there!  Let go!  Stop defending, protecting, analyzing, with your thoughts!  Accept the atonement for yourself–accept you are whole and perfect as God created you, accept the at-one-ment for yourself!

     How long do you want to be in confusion and pain, wondering who you are and where you came from and why you are here and what your purpose is?

     Feel the energy of truth, respond to it, feel the certainty.  Release, let go, relax!  The “world” is thought:  blaming, assigning meaning, giving to get, suffering guilt, judging, attacking, separating and seeing yourself among the “haves” and the “have nots.”

     “Well, that’s just the way it is.”

     No!  There is a Whole God of Love and Light and Eternal Life!

     What is Easter?  A bright, new association of yourself in a moment of transfiguration in your mind of the eternal reality of you, whole and perfect as you were created.

     Say to me, “You’re a fraud!”  [Participants hesitate, a few mumble, “You’re a fraud!”]    I don’t care!  I will only be a reflection of your own thought in your own mind anyway.  What I’m offering you is the light, the recognition of truth, in your own mind.

     You might say, “But you’re the master teacher!”  Nonsense.  Do you think the “master teacher” is a body in a space-time location?  What I’m pointing out to you is that the resurrection is the action of your mind–denying the false, accepting the true–in each present moment that takes you from your own darkness into the light.  It’s happening in you.  That’s all I teach!

     “Jesus” is with you in the action of  your mind in the resurrection of you, the shift that occurs in your mind–the miracle!  You are the light of the world!  The miracle happens in you!  Jesus is with you in the resurrection of your mind!  He is with you in the experience that is the same in you as it was in him!

     Delay does not matter in eternity, but it is tragic in time.  (T-5.VI. 1:2)

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 On Forgiveness  [Short Excerpt]

Don’t practice “forgiveness” of who or what you think is “out there,” separate from you!  For what?  None of this, none of your thoughts, is so.  You are just “forgiving” your own thought about someone or something in your own mind!  You are releasing your ideas about it, one at a time.  Why do that?  Strike the whole set!  (None of my thoughts are true!)  Give it all away!  (If I release all my thoughts right now, I’ll experience the complete alternative!)  Every moment, release every thought and give it away.  Accept the eternal truth about you instead.  That is what the transformational training will bring you to, when your mind is ready to receive it.  The little willingness!

Then you’ll be happy.  Then you’ll be “home.”  Then you’ll be “gone” from pain and suffering.  Then you’ll be who you are.  That’s what resurrection is!  It’s not mystical, it’s not “magical.”  It’s here!  It’s now!

When you experience it, you know.




Available now:   Ask Not the Sparrow, Secrets of A Course in Miracles

July 7, 2009


Available now:  Amazon.com and  Authorhouse.com.   Ask Not the Sparrow:  Secrets of  A Course in Miracles, is a unique approach, including personal reflections and expressions of the author’s  faith and experience, with the main content highlighting memories of sessions with  50 students/teachers of the Course, each expressing their faith, experience, strength and hope regarding their journeys of individual  transformation to light using A Course in Miracles.

Its lively, inspiring, confrontive and inspirational sessions offer support and insights not found in this unique form anywhere else.   The dynamic approach of Ask Not the Sparrow may be relevant for anyone who is seeking lasting happiness, peace and joy,  including beginners on a path of self-discovery as well as those wishing to review the Course from a new, uncompromising perspective.  In addition, it’s fresh approach and surprising insights may also illuminate  any thoughtful, truth-centered approach to awakening.

Author, Pamela Schueller, explains:  “Initially, I wrote down what I had heard that  inspired me, to help me focus on a straight-forward, clear, simplified expression of the uncompromising principles and underlying ‘how to’ of A Course in Miracles!  I wanted these notes, which seemed to flow by themselves onto the page, to help me remember the wealth of extension and expression of our individual transformation.”


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