Now! 2014!

September, 2014

Updated Website:,
regarding six book-length messages dictated by a “guide and friend,” calling himself “Compassion, Peace and Love”

New Blog:

New book: out in October, 2014! Miracles and Messengers, Transforming Your Life Now. With commentaries on A Course in Miracles, by a guide and friend, “Compassion, Peace and Love.” (288 pages) A voice, calling himself an angel guide, dictated this message to me in 1988, in 12 days. And five more books were dictated, all of them within the first seven months. I INTEND TO GET THOSE FIVE MESSAGES OUT WITHIN ONE YEAR, STARTING NOW. See new blog for updates: Can I explain what happened? Can I publish them in one year’s time? Will they speak to some minds that are searching for answers in a simpler form than the language found in A Course in Miracles? Why did this angel guide give me these messages long ago and say that the time to publish them is now? Well, I’ll try to keep updating on the blog!


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